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Kate Spade went to Salvatierra!! Salvatierra Imports and Claudia Mercado teamed up to introduce Kate Spade designer Paulina Reyes to artisans of Salvatierra, San Ignacio and San Borja, where she worked with them to develop special items for the Design for a Living World project, organized by the Nature Conservancy. The bags, woven from jipijapa and using FSC certified wood, are on exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt in New York City until January 2010. Find out more here!

Check out the article in Native Peoples magazine about the Bolivian Minga, written by Kristen (Salvatierra co-founder) and Shane Townsend. Click here to learn more.

Salvatierra returned to Bolivia in June and July to develop new products. You'll see them soon on this site.

Check out the blog from our last trip, which was sponsored by Partners of the Americas and the American Business Fellows Program, and financed by the US Department of State.

See the article about Salvatierra Imports in the Arlington Connection!

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Salvatierra gave a presentation at the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University about starting a business with an environmental and social vision. The title: "Where in the World is Salvatierra?"

Missed our presentation on Salvatierra at the World Bank? Click here to download the slide show.

Mermaid Tales

In the Bolivian tropics, legends of mermaids are common. That might seem surprising given that Bolivia has no coast. But if you are lucky enough to be in Bolivia during rainy season, you might see the pink and gray freshwater dolphins that have inspired legends and art about mermaids.

At left, replica of the 18th century San Miguel Mermaid found in the Mission Church. Natural ochre paints on FSC-certified tropical cedar. $75.00



Jesuit Mission Angels

These angels are replicas of 18th century carving from the Jesuit Mission churches of Bolivia. Hand-painted with natural ochre paints on certified tropical wood. Perfect gifts for people who love angels. $32.00 View more angels...

About Bolivia...

Tucked among the Andes mountains to the west and the vast inland forest sea of the Amazon to the east, Bolivia remains one of the most inaccessible and unchanged countries of the Americas...

Swing in Spring with Bolivian Hammocks!



Hand Woven Placemats

These vibrant placemats are woven on a home loom and trimmed by hand with lovely macrame and fringe. Their vivid colors recall the Bolivian jungle and make them perfect for the porch, patio or picnic. $12.00 each or 6 for $60.00.

Luxury travel tote

This beautiful leather trimmed tote was hand made in Salvatierra. A perfect gift for a traveler or commuter.

About Salvatierra

Salvatierra means "save the earth" in Spanish, but it is also the name of a remote village in Bolivia where we were inspired by the beauty, skill, and culture that the women weave into the traditional hammocks. We discovered that the tropics of Bolivia have a rich tradition of art and handicrafts that is almost unknown outside of its borders. This inspired us to launch Salvatierra.

Your Purchase Helps. Why?

  • We donate a portion of sales to youth music education programs in Bolivia.
  • Buying products from forest communities strengthens them so they can manage their forests better.
  • Many of our products use Forest Stewardship Council certified wood, a guarantee of sustainable tropical forest management.
  • Everything we sell is made by cooperatives or individual artists. Many of the artisans work in their homes.
  • Your purchase supports the rich folk art and artisan traditions of Bolivia.







Visit the people and places of Bolivia where our featured items first started their travels. Click here for more photos.


All products shipped to you from our US location.
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